Monday, March 19, 2007

Trashy Lingerie Show-- please distrubute

Victoria's Dirty Little Secret is that she is a feminist and not onlywants to recycle her catalogues but also her bad image as she repaysher karmic debt to the world and forgets about her Think Pink!campaign and launches the Just THINK! campaign at the TRASHY LINGERIE SHOW, (that is lingerie-made-out-of trash) presented by the FREEGAN FASHION TEAM and RADICAL PERFORMANCE GROUP at the Wetlands Collective18th Birthday and Victoria Secret Victory Party! After many protestsVickie's has agreed to quit their dirty little habit of printing 360million of their catalogues on endangered rain forest.
Founded as the social justice and environmental arm of the late, lamented Wetlands Preserve nightclub, Wetlands Activism Collective hasdevoted almost two decades to successful advocacy campaigns on issues like forest defense, anti-consumerism, animal rights, anti-globalization, indigenous people's rights, resource waste, and labor rights.

Come see how FreeganSexy it is to dance with activists to music spunby DJ Suggested D, eat free food (prepared by ; a projectof Wetlands Activism Collective); and hear updates on forest defensecampaigns featuring activists from Wetlands Activism Collective, Rainforest Relief, and Forest Ethics, environmental films; as projections and glimmers of images from forest defense protests and direct actions dance through your head.
No RSVP is required. Admission is free, but donations are welcome. The party will be held at:

Times Up! environmental space

49 East Houston Street
(btwn Mott and Mulberry
7:30 pm
Fashion show at 9pm!

Take the B, D, F, or V toBroadway-Lafayette, 6 to Bleeker Street, or the N/R to Prince Street.For more information, call Wetlands Activism Collective at (201)928-2831 or email

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