Thursday, July 12, 2007


Dear Luke

Just wanted to let you know that last weekend's performance, "Fashionably Late for the Relationship," inspired me to do a performance of my own in the same spot.

My piece is called: "Feeling Not So Fresh" and will be 7 hours and twenty minutes long and take place on Sunday the 15th. Radical Performance Group is getting involved and Sofia Holten (ICP) will video tape my performance, Kristi Hall (ETW Tisch) will video tape the whole ordeal, my MAC BOOK PRO with Jitter will time lapse capture the ordeal (no permit, no tripod), and Sabrina Asche (ICP) will photograph. At first we estimated our budget at $100 dollars, then it got cut to $75, now we are at $45...but we are proceeding. We are also calling in a lot of favors from generous friends.

The most I can say right now is that I picked up a small generator today to run my blow drier, am building a solar shower tomorrow, am totally engrossed in setting up the ordeal, and I plan to pluck out ingrown hairs off my bikini line in public.

As a founder of HollabackNYC, I began thinking a great deal about the feminine performance, and life as a performance in general. A lot of my current work is exploring Gender Maintenance Art and I hope to spark a dialog with you and Ms. Sifuentes regarding some of the topics that your performance addressed including: the secrecy of the feminine beauty regime and other topics that swirl around those issues. Particularly the consumerism that is a necessary part of being a cute girl.

Hope that you can pop by, you may even see some titty.

Hopefully I won't get carted away by the fuzz, but video of a dripping wet, half naked, partially made up me in hand cuffs might be worth it.

xoxo Larken

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