Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gender Maintenance Procedure

Gender Maintenance is an intricate art form, absurd reality, and nasty process. Come see all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a pretty girl. Sunday, July 15th, just East of Union Square and slightly north of 14th Street. For 7 hours and 20 minutes Lauren Larken will get ready to go out. Sofie Holten and Sabrina Asch will direct and capture. Come visit us an 1-8:20 p on the traffic island off of New York City's Union Square lies north of 14th streeat off of the east side of the park. Dividing Park Avenue South into Broadway and 4th Avenue, the island contains a park and a sidewalk area, and draws a lot of pedestrian traffic going to and from Union Square and the subway entrance on the corner of the park. By choosing a highly populated park at a very busy intersection, we hope to heighten the shock effect of exposing what is supposed to be invisible and un-seen.

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